I'm Allie. T1D for 6 years. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ KISS MY ACE is the name of a team my best friend and I started together for the JDRF Walk. "Ace" refers to a shot in tennis that is SO BEAST that your opponent can't even touch it.
Similarly, I want to show the world that diabetes can't stop me. Although I have a lot to learn, I want to look at the silver linings in the stormclouds and be thankful for what I have.
My goal with this tumblr is to inspire and be inspired. Ask me anything! :)
Personal blog ~ www.surr-eality.tumblr.com
* I didn't take/make any of the photos here unless I said so *

kiss my ace, diabetes. ♬

a little bit longer and I'll be fine.


It’s August 1st. A new day to begin a new month. In the next 31 days you will commit to yourself, achieve your goals, and finally make your dreams come true. Forget what anyone has ever told you. Forget the doubts, own this month for me please? All you have to do is complete all the workouts listed each day and be sure to take your recovery day off! Very important to train hard and relax. You need it. Go download the calendar on www.blogilates.com or download the blogilates app free!! Ok now tag a friend who you think could use a lil blogilates in their life :)

anyone? my goal: every day, burn my usual 200 calories on the treadmill then do at least 1 of these videos. heheh


Sometimes it can feel like a losing battle! 

never too late to get your life together muthafuckas. <3

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a new T1D blog!

hey everyone! I created a full-on blog on BlogSpot to chronicle my upcoming adventures with college, growing up, and yeah.. type 1 diabetes!! :D

Check it out here - besides random T1D tidbits, I’ll also post about my eating/travelling/culture experiences in Cali and elsewhere. Any feedback and subscribers are IMMENSELY appreciated! See y’all around~



have you guys heard of this?? a smart contact lens by Google that will measure the glucose in our tears 1x per second!! (yes it’s a real thing) :)